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Passionate about moving people with tunes take you on a rhythmic journey and beats that bring the dance floor to life, Nina lives and breathes music, translating this into a career as a DJ.

Growing up in the heart of the Whitsundays, she was immersed in her parent’s love of 70’s and 80’s rock, acoustic guitar covers her father would perform and an endless supply of gold that ‘Rage’ churned out. All which became infused with her love for both hip-hop, trap and indie pop. Nina works with a broad spectrum of musical influence and has a finely-tuned ability to play to the crowds, adapt with different demographics and environments, ensuring an aptly set mood or pulsing dancefloor.

From pursuing music (clarinet and piano) throughout her schooling years and finishing as band captain, to studying electronic music production at SAE, Nina is emerging in the music scene with countless DJ gigs under her belt. She regularly performs at corporate events, weddings (also as MC), clubs, birthdays and launches to name a few.

Some past events have included: AFL Live Launch, Walt Disney X-mas Party, Wedding Showcase Eureka 89, Bridie O’Reilly’s Saturday nights, Shopping Centre VIP Days and Melbourne University Graduation Party.

Nina is constantly fascinated by the endless mixing and performance possibilities, striving to entertain with style and innovation. Dedicating her spare time to creating fresh mixes and producing tracks, she is looking for further herself in the industry, securing a diverse range of gigs as well as diving deeper into the nightclub scene. High energy that never fades and a fixed smile, this DJ is forever bopping to the tunes behind the decks.



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