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With a beautiful tone, extensive range and a fiery and emotive performance, Tanya is one of Australia’s leading vocalists. Her ability to read the room and be versatile with any audience makes her connect on a deeper level at any event she is at.

Since 2007 beginning professionally when only 14, Tanya has built her solid career in Melbourne being known for her impeccable live performances as she is regularly asked to sing the national anthem live on television.

Tanya is the queen of pop with her finger always on the pulse with what’s happening in the youth culture yet she can give her audiences amazing renditions of jazz, funk, soul, folk, indie and rock.

Dominating the corporate world all over Australia, Tanya has been involved with some of the biggest events on the calendar and appeared on The Voice Australia 2015 with long time idol Jessie J taking a special liking to her. 2014 saw Tanya support Michael Buble on his Australian tour alongside Naturally 7 and she was flown to Bali in 2016 to play at cocktail hour for a private luxury wedding.


  • Fox Sports
  • Channel 10
  • Channel 9
  • ANZ
  • Chadstone The Fashion Capital
  • Maserati Exclusive VIP Party
  • AFL – Hall of Fame (Memorial Performer 2017 Live on Air)
  • Medibank
  • Ishka
  • St. Kilda Football Club
  • Grand Prix Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • Australian Open
  • Jacobs Creek
  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
  • Bird Cage Spring Racing Carnival


  • Crown Entertainment Complex
  • Adelaide Oval
  • Rod Laver Arena
  • MotoGP, Phillip Island
  • Paris Cat Jazz Club
  • Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
  • Chadstone The Fashion Capital
  • Metropolis
  • Carousel
  • Revolver Band Room
  • Showtime Events Centre
  • Private Wedding, Bali
  • New York University, New York
  • Harvelle’s, LA


  • Solo: Stop-And-Watch Performance with Backing Track
  • Solo: Guitar and Vocals
  • Acoustic Duo: Guitar and Vocals
  • Acoustic Duo: Guitar, Vocals and Fiddle
  • Piano Duo: Keys/Piano and Vocals
  • DJ Band: 2-6 Piece
  • Live Band Trio: Keys/Guitar, Cajun, Fiddle and Vocals
  • Live Band 4 Piece: Keys/Guitar, Cajun, Fiddle, Bass and Vocals

* Can arrange any outfit of band required with core rhythm section and then add brass.


“Whilst not only having a fantastic voice and great on stage persona, Tanya is also a wonderful person to work with, is always on time and flexible to working in different circumstances. We have no hesitation in using her for our top-tier functions and events.”  –  Jenna Downer, Events Manager, St Kilda Football Club

“Tanya is a pleasure to work with. She is professional in every way, possessing a rare combination of talent and genuine personality. Musically, she is versatile and able to fill a wide array of different roles, styles and genres.”  – Rod Davies, Co-ordinator of Popular Voice, Monash University

“I highly recommend Tanya, she is a versatile and professional performer with great vocal ability.”  –  Serge Carnovale, Artistic Director, Paris Cat Jazz Club

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